Ramo, druze moj

Aca Lukas | 15.02.2006. u 01:35

Kad sam sreo druga svog
prijatelja jedinog
najsrecniji bese dan
jer ne bejah vise sam

Pesma nas je tesila
ljubav nam se smesila
ali vi k’o sudbe zle
od mene ga odvede

Refren 2x
Aj Ramo
Ramo, Ramo druze moj
Ramo, Ramo druze moj
da li cujes jecaj moj

Refren 2x

Aj Ramo
Ramo, Ramo druze moj
Ramo, Ramo brate moj
da li cujes jecaj moj

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  1. George komentarise (23.03.2006 000000 14:46)...

    Najbolja pesma ikada stvorena!

  2. skykhaan komentarise (02.05.2006 000000 19:49)...

    : )

  3. Erling, Norway komentarise (18.05.2006 000000 02:57)...

    I write this from Norway. I learned this song “Ramo Ramo” for more than 30 years ago, in Crna Gora, by a 12 year old kid. I could never forget it, and now – at last – I have found the lyrics. Thank you som much! But I wonder: Is it possible to get it as a MP3-file? Then I would be verey glad!

    Best wishes from
    Erling Roisland

  4. sextasy komentarise (29.09.2010 000000 15:11)...

    Here is your song, Erling .


  5. Nickey komentarise (28.11.2010 000000 03:52)...

    Thanks so much for these lyrics. I used to hear this song at Macedonian events and dances but I couldn’t make out the words but was haunted by its similarity to words I did know. Also, loved hearing this song in the movie “Montenegro”…a real classic.

  6. Indijanac komentarise (13.02.2011 000000 19:35)...

    Muharem Serbezovski sing this song too, among many others…
    Very old song, popular not only by the Yougoslawian Romani (Gypsies),
    lot of people love this song.

    But, to be onest, this is an old song from India…

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